Wellness Without Walls

We all understand that the coronavirus will impact much more than just our healthcare system. Families and businesses are struggling through a constantly changing landscape. The CDC’s latest health recommendations will keep many employees in quarantine or self-isolation while working from home.

At Healing Hands, we understand.  Because we’re in the same boat.

But we are also here to help.

In these unprecedented times, corporations are shifting the bulk of their employees offsite.  The internet and digital meeting platforms are helping many businesses continue, but the social fabric that creates a true corporate culture is tearing as employees work in newfound isolation.

Home fitness and stress relief will be essential in the coming weeks as we look for solutions for reducing anxiety related to the coronavirus.

Since our founding in 2011, Healing Hands has specialized in delivering in-person group classes on-site at businesses.  Now, we are proud to introduce our Wellness Without Walls, or W3, digital wellness programs.

While your team works from home during the coronavirus, our team of experienced practitioners can meet online to deliver sessions in mindfulness, yoga, Tai Chi, and Zumba, using video conferencing tools like Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom telehealth technology. We know this will not only help cheer employees who are dealing with isolation and depression during this extended time at home, but our online group mindfulness and fitness classes will also have the following benefits for your company:


  • Location: quiet(?) conference room
  • # of attendees: limited by the size of the room
  • Total time required: 2 hours due to travel time
  • Attendance report: basic information
  • A one-time class


  • Location: in the place of your choosing
  • # of attendees: up to 250 people
  • Total time required: as little as 20 minutes
  • Attendance report: detailed information (including log on / log off time)
  • Recorded for unlimited future viewing

Online stress relief, fitness, and meditation practices, of course, could never replace the value of a professional in the room with your employees, but as your team continues to work from home during the coronavirus, digital wellness and online community can be the next best thing. Our online yoga and mindfulness sessions as well as our virtual Tai Chi and Zumba classes can reduce anxiety and stress and increase your company and employee morale.

And just like we do with our existing Corporate Wellness Packages, we have also simplified pricing and services for our digital health and wellness clients.


  • 20
  • 30
  • 45
  • 60


  • $45
  • $65
  • $95
  • $125

If a company would like to have a recording of one of the live sessions, please add an additional 50% to the above prices.

As you navigate the weeks ahead with your company, you can turn to Healing Hands when your employees need a more engaging community than their stockpile of toilet paper. Let us help your team by staying calm and healthy digitally until you can get back to business face to face.

Contact us via the website or by phone to customize a digital program for your team.

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