As we age, our bodies slow down and begin to incur chronic
  Thankfully, geriatric massage
offers many benefits to senior citizens without the side effects present in
medications they may be taking.
Studies show
that consistent massages improve quality of life, help ease the muscle pain
associated with arthritis, and are also a positive intervention for Alzheimer’s
and dementia.  Research on hand massages for those suffering from dementia reported
a consistent reduction in verbal aggression and nonaggressive behaviors.

Compared to concern about the long-term effects (not to
mention the cost) of the medications associated with the ailments that come
with age, massage can be a relatively low-cost and low-risk intervention that can be taught to caregivers.
This is great news.
 It means that geriatric massage is
not only a positive for elderly patients, but it also empowers their caregivers
and may reduce their stress as well!

There are slight differences
between geriatric massage and regular massages.  Generally, geriatric massage requires
shortened sessions and a lighter touch, as well as avoiding stretching
techniques.  Senior skin tends to be
somewhat drier and more sensitive, but with the application of a bit more oil
or lotion, the skin can be rehydrated and therefore more pliable. 

Massage also helps reduce inflammation around the joints
and can aid in healing from injuries.  Skilled
touch can improve circulation of the lymphatic system and increase blood flow,
thus reducing recovery time.  This
natural therapy helps improve sleep and enhance quality of life, which can be
crucial for an aging senior suffering from trouble sleeping or increased
inflammation (both common symptoms as we age).
And of course, touch is essential for everyone – no matter
the age, gender, or nationality.  Humans
are social creatures; children who are touch-deprived do not thrive physically
or emotionally.  Unfortunately, many
seniors are also touch-deprived which can result in chronic anxiety and/or
depression.  But in the gifted hands of
one of our massage therapists, we will do our best to soothe away the aches and
pains of advanced age with our
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