So you’re working from home. You probably just rolled out of bed and now you’re sitting in your pajamas with your coffee, wondering if the world is ending. We get it, we’re right there with you. This is just one of the massive changes happening in the world around us. Quarantine and working from home…it’s a mess. So we’ve come up with a couple working from home tips for you.


 1. Get out of your pajamas! I know. Sounds pointless, doesn’t it? Pajamas are so much more comfortable than “real” clothes. But hear me out: when you shower, do your hair, and put on a respectable outfit, you’re telling yourself that you care about your wellbeing, your appearance, and it provides instant confidence and a mental boost.

2. Home stress relief: With everything that’s going on, you’re probably feeling very anxious and stressed. Here are a few stress relief tips that don’t require leaving the house: call (don’t text) a friend, spend time with your pet, watch your favorite movie, cook a nice meal, engage in mindfulness, read a book, do some yoga, listen to relaxing music, do something creative like writing, drawing, or playing an instrument…etc. Just, you know, make sure you finish your work first!

3. Time management: To piggyback off of the last tip, while working from home can allow you extra comfort and freedom, it’s crucial that you learn time management skills. Without any direct supervision it’s easy to start slacking off and get distracted with other things around your house. Make a schedule for each hour of your day, and stick with it.

4. Don’t isolate: The hot term right now is “social distancing”. But this does NOT mean isolating yourself from your friends and coworkers. Make an effort to stay in contact through all the tools we have available: Skype, Google messaging, video chat, phone calls, etc. Brighten someone’s day with some humor. Stay a community.

We may not be able to help you manage your time or get ready for your day, but we CAN help you relieve stress and stay connected to your community. We’ve been working HARD on something to help you do just that during this unprecedented time.

Stay tuned – details coming very soon…!