Are you slouching right now? Are your shoulders hunched? Is this giving you flashbacks to when your mother would tell you to sit up straight? LOL


Poor posture is an unfortunate side effect of sitting all day, and is all too common among us (mostly) sedentary workers. It’s probably even worse if you weren’t prepared to work from home, considering your setup is probably not as ergonomically friendly as it could be. 


It’s Correct Posture Month, so now is a great time to check in and see how your posture is doing. Here are some quick posture questions to ask yourself the next time you sit down to work: 


  • Am I sitting up straight? Make sure your back is straight, your core is tight, and your shoulders are pushed back. You don’t want a hunched back, but you also don’t want an arched lower back. Think “neutral spine”. 


  • Do I have text neck? This is exactly what it sounds like. What do you do when you’re texting? You tuck your chin and bend your neck. Make sure to stick out your chin (which forces you to also straighten your upper back) and try to keep your eyes looking straight ahead for most of the day. This might take some adjusting of your computer and phone screens. 



  • Am I straining my wrists? You want your wrists to be as neutral as possible. This means not having them overly extended or flexed (which can happen if you have a less than ideal mouse). Straining your wrists over time may cause overuse injuries such as carpal tunnel. 


A benefit of working from home means you have more privacy and freedom to take quick stretching breaks, and get creative with your computer setup. Try a standing desk! Or a yoga ball chair! Care for your body. And if you need some extra help…consider doing some virtual yoga to help strengthen your core.