Recently we read this article on CNBC about a new generation of employee perks brought about by the corona virus: work from home/virtual services. From the article we extrapolated three main categories of new perks that employers are now more commonly offering their employees:


  1. Mental & Emotional Health: Not surprisingly, employees are feeling isolated, stressed, and maybe even depressed. Many companies are now offering mindfulness to help employees set the tone for their day, and re-center before a work day/week.
  2. Virtual Fitness: With lots of gyms still being closed, many employees are having trouble staying fit during the work from home/quarantine era. To remedy this, employers are now investing in virtual fitness classes to help employees work out from home.
  3. Social Help: There’s probably nothing that’s harder to do while working from home than socializing. Which is unfortunate, because socializing is crucial for overall health.


Our Virtual Wellness programs help you offer all three of these new generation perks to your employees in the form of wellness classes that care for both mental AND physical health, while providing employees an opportunity to socialize with each other and build community.


However, it’s not enough just to offer wellness perks to your employees. In order  for the program to succeed (especially during these uncertain times), you’ve got to pay attention to multiple variables throughout the research, implementation, and analysis stages (yes, there’s an analysis stage!).

This inspired us to write this article for Corporate Wellness Magazine about how to create Pandemic-Proof Employee Wellness. The article provides 8 key strategies you can implement to ensure the creation of an efficient, well-received, and UTILIZED wellness program that your employees will actually like!