As humans, we are definitely creatures of habit. And so far this year, most of our blogs have been focused on creating good habits.

However, some of the habits we create can turn out to be anything but beneficial and it’s better to let them go.

Since it’s easy to subconsciously fall into bad habits – much easier, in fact, than it is to intentionally create good habits – it is beneficial to stop every so often and analyze what habits are not serving us well. Some of our habits could even be jeopardizing our physical and/or mental wellbeing so it’s important to make an effort not to continue to make them a part of our routine.

Here’s a list of what we feel are 5 of the most toxic habits. If you have incorporated any of them into your life, start taking steps today to LET THEM GO:


  1. Winging it all the time

Have you fallen into the habit of living on autopilot without concrete goals or a sense of purpose? Not having a plan for your future can lead to “my life has no purpose” vibes. This creates a vicious cycle that leads to a lack of motivation and, in turn, less optimism that you can accomplish any goals you may set. We’re not saying to have your entire life charted out, but at least set some SMART Goals for the next few years. Having a purpose and waking up to work on its fulfilment every morning will automatically change the way you feel about yourself.

  1. Unhealthy eating

Not giving your body the nutrients it needs is another habit to wave bye-bye to. 👋 Eating junk food or food lacking in nutrients is like pumping regular unleaded gas into the tank of an ultra-sophisticated sports car. Making proper nourishment part of your daily life is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.  Foods as proteins, healthy fats, carbs, water, and vitamins not only provide energy, they are also helpful in regulating body functions and are extremely important for brain health. Before you put anything in your mouth, think twice and change that habit! Here is a handy guide to Mindful Eating.

  1. Not doing daily exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is a health-destroying habit. The human species was never meant to be as deskbound as most of us have become! This year, resolve to add a little bit of movement to your daily activities. The key is consistency, not quantity. Since humans are creatures of habit, if you stick with it you will soon have exercise incorporated into your regular routine. Here are 11 easy ways to incorporate exercise into your workday (I do #11 a LOT).

  1. Not getting enough rest

Resting is crucial to our mental and physical health. So if you’re not getting enough, it’s time to ditch the habit of working yourself to the bone! Your body needs the essential function of rest to help it recharge and refresh. And without proper rest, your brain cannot function properly. If you are unable to increase the number of hours you sleep at night (and can’t fit in a quick nap during the day either), here are some great reasons to try a short 5-minute meditation.  You could also – just throwing this out here – schedule some time for a massage. 😜 Why? Because a 60 minute massage offers almost the same benefits as 8 hours of sleep!

  1. Having addictions

This bad habit is the most known and obvious of all. Addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, psychoactive substances, and even negative relationships, are all harmful for your health and wellbeing. Just as when developing a good habit, if you want to kick a bad habit, it’s best to start with small, incremental, consistent steps. Instead of trying to quit cold turkey, perhaps join a help group for the support you’ll feel among others struggling with similar issues. Focus on the end game: how much better you’ll feel once you are fully back in the driver’s seat of your own life. Here are 5 great steps from Harvard Health to help get you started. Whatever works for you, do yourself a favor and let it go.


The most important thing to getting rid of a bad habit (or developing a good one) is taking the first step. Once you put things in motion, it all starts falling into place. Good luck and healthy vibes to everyone!