Chair massage is a great way to not only show appreciation to your team but it also helps them hit the “reset” button in the middle of the workday – those few minutes they relax in the chair will help them get back to work with renewed energy and focus. 

chair massage Q&A 

Many employers have questions about chair massage. Post-pandemic, this service has become more popular than ever in the corporate world, and companies are using it as a “carrot” to welcome employees back to the workplace.

Below, we answer 5 of the most frequently asked questions about chair massage:


  1. How many people usually participate?

Usually about 70% of the staff gets a massage. It’s always good to let people know ahead of time that there’s an event taking place, so they can better organize their schedule on that day. Most of the time, the 30% that doesn’t show up is because they aren’t able to step away from their desk. If they would have known there was someone giving massages during work hours, they would have definitely squeezed in some time to get it!

  1. What’s the cost?

We request a minimum of 3 hours per event, at a rate of $125 per therapist. We provide all supplies including massage chairs, disposable face cradle covers, cleaning/sanitizing products, spa music, and most importantly: licensed and insured massage therapists.

chair massage

  1. Is chair massage as effective as a regular table massage?

Yes! Even though you cannot get a full body massage on the chair due to the nature of the seated position, your massage therapist is still able to target the key back and neck muscles where most people carry tension. Circulation is stimulated and relaxation hormones get triggered just as they do with a table massage.

  1. Why is chair massage convenient for a corporate event?

Chair massages are performed while the client is fully clothed, so there’s no need to have a private room. The length of the massage is usually 10-20 minutes, which is shorter than a regular table massage, so you can schedule sessions for 3-5 employees each hour. Chair massage focuses primarily on relaxing tense muscles in the shoulders and back, which are the main areas of tension for people who work at desks for long hours. It can be done while the rest of the team continues to work without interruptions. We come to your office or event, and that means you won’t need to take the whole staff out for the occasion (which also means no issues with traffic, no parking, etc). Chair massage is comfortable, beneficial, and convenient!

  1. What are the benefits of a chair massage?

While it is definitely relaxing, chair massage also provides a boost of energy that helps you deal with the rest of your workday in a happier and more focused state. With muscle tension relieved, the body feels looser and the whole office has a happier vibe. It also stimulates the body’s circulatory and lymphatic system.


If you want to show appreciation to your employees but are unsure of what they will like best, a good way to decide is to send out a link to a poll. List a few services and let them vote for their favorite one(s). You can include different activities such as chair massage, a mindfulness break, a yoga or Zumba class, trivia games (non-work related), or anything else you think your employees would like, then bring the one with the highest votes to the office. Here are some FAQs about setting up a wellness program at your office.

Showing gratitude lets your employees know you truly care for and appreciate them. In turn, they will show empathy back to you and their fellow teammates.

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