Exercising is one of the fundamental elements of good health and well-being. But sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated, let alone to know exactly what to do or which routines to follow. An online fitness class can be an effective and economical solution to get professional, tailored advice. That’s why at Healing Hands we offer live yoga, Zumba, and Pilates classes, so that you can find the one that suits you best.


What are some of the main advantages of taking a fitness class online?

  1. Flexibility

Each person has a different pace of life and personal limitations. Work, family, and other factors determine the time you can dedicate to training, the frequency and intensity of exercises, etc. Given that we’re still technically in a pandemic, not everyone wants to train in a gym! By taking an online class, you can log in from home (or wherever) and take the Zoom class that best fits your schedule. You don’t even have to leave the house (or find a babysitter if you have kids). 

  1. Economics

Online classes are always the cheaper option. Not only do you not have to pay for a gym membership or a private 1 to 1 session with a trainer, but you can join a group class, where everyone pays a smaller amount. Many companies let you record the sessions so you can access them on-demand at a later date (and for free!) if you’d like to repeat certain classes.

  1. Safety and Security

Sometimes, when you want to train on your own, instead of getting the results you are hoping for, you may instead get injured. The reasons can be many: incorrect form, overusing your joints, or training too intensely. But with an online coach, injury is much less likely to happen. We always suggest turning ON your camera so that the instructors can see you and give you the feedback you need. In addition, you can ask questions during or after the class, which gives you peace of mind and allows you to continue upping your fitness game in a safe way.


It’s a great advantage to be able to count on a fitness professional with years of experience, who designs an appropriate exercise plan with routines adapted to your personal situation.  Ask your company to contact us and book a session today!