Some of the many consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic include fear, depression, and job insecurity. All of these have led to renewed discussion about psychological well-being at work.

To reduce the widespread stigma of mental health problems in the workplace, it is essential to establish appropriate and transparent relationships between employees, managers, and company leaders. Now more than ever, we need to create a community based on trust and mutual respect.

The most common method of destigmatizing mental health at work is to disseminate information about company benefits in this realm, and sharing mental health resources with the team. Above and beyond that, HR can organize educational workshops to promote personal support and to directly inform employees about available assistance programs and how to make the most of them. Check out our corporate wellness programs here; they can often be paid for with Wellness Dollars.

Destigmatize Mental Health

Also, 6 great mental health tips shared by Wellable, an employee wellness platform, are:

  1. Lead By Example
  2. Have Willing Employees Share How They Cope With Stress
  3. Offer Mental Health Days
  4. Use Person-Centered Language
  5. Launch A Myth-Busting Mental Health Awareness Campaign
  6. Provide Comprehensive, Accessible, And Affordable Mental Health Benefits

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Mental Health chart

In company communications, it is important to convey a positive message about the importance of mental health. Improving the company culture is everyone’s responsibility. All employees should feel not only included but also emotionally involved in creating an environment that supports mental health.

Employers who wish to improve psychological well-being at work should pay special attention to disorders due to substance and alcohol abuse, as the frequency of these issues rose sharply during the pandemic. Anyone who is dealing with these issues – whether directly or via a friend or family member – should receive specific, actionable information on the subject.

Use this blog as a guide to work with your team when they need mental health support. Pin it, save it, and reference it as many times as necessary! Mental health = brain health, and a happy brain benefits everyone.