Sure, sitting in a quiet room on a massage chair, fully relaxed with the lights off, soothing music in the background, and the scent of lavender in the air sounds like the perfect break in your workday.  But massage has the power to not only relax and destress, but also to reset.

Even though massage techniques vary according to the objective pursued (pain relief vs relaxation), the main purpose is to do a full mind and body reset.

Do you sometimes feel exhausted, not only physically but also mentally?

If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. Three out of five American adults report feeling more tired now than they’ve ever been. To effectively counteract this epidemic, it is important for our bodies to receive total physical rest on a regular basis. Think of it as when you turn off your phone to charge it, then turn it on fully charged and ready to go. Read on to find out how chair massage helps you and your team reset.

chair massage


A physical reset:
Our bodies need oxygen and nutrients to function optimally. But stress contracts the muscles, stagnates the lymph fluids, and prevents toxins from being properly drained away. A good massage therapist knows techniques that not only help relax tense muscles but also stimulate the cellular cleansing process. The body responds by releasing our “relaxation” hormones (serotonin, dopamine, and other endorphins), then oxygen and nutrients rush to the area that is being worked.

A mental reset:
The person receiving the massage feels their state of mind become calm and peaceful. Healing of the mind begins to occur when the brain starts to focus on the relaxation the massage provides, entering a blissful state. A relaxation massage functions as a sedative for the nervous system. It works to release and let go of accumulated tension so that the energy of our body can flow without obstacles.

The benefits:
A chair massage can significantly ease back, shoulder, and neck discomfort, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. Employees can better focus on tasks if they are not distracted by aches and pains. Anxiety and depression are common in today’s workplace but those feel-good hormones mentioned above put them in a great mood. If your team feels better, they will work better – as individuals and as a group.


If, after reading this blog, you feel like treating your team to a round of chair massages, mission accomplished! In this article we answer your five most commonly asked questions about this service, and once you try a day of chair massage and see how great it is, you will want to consider having it on a regular basis (FAQ’s on that at this link).

Looking forward to seeing you soon!