Valentine’s Day is around the corner and even though we’ll be the first to say it’s a somewhat commercialized (dare we say even a bit cheesy?) holiday, it’s also a great reminder to show love and appreciation not only to your significant other, but also to your coworkers and employees.

Following are 3 ideas of things to do on Valentine’s Day – one for coworkers, one for couples, and one for friends – that go beyond the typical gift of flowers and chocolates. So, here we go:


chair massageChair massage for coworkers

Last year we talked about some of the great ways that getting a chair massage helps you reset, both physically and mentally. After spending just a few minutes in a massage chair, the body responds by releasing our “relaxation” hormones (serotonin, dopamine, and other endorphins), and oxygen and nutrients rush to the area that is being worked. The person receiving the massage feels their state of mind become calm and peaceful; a relaxation massage functions as a sedative for the nervous system and helps us release and let go of accumulated tension so that the energy of our body can flow without obstacles. Contact us to set this up for your office.

couples massage


Spa Day with a loved one

This is a great way to get you and your loved one some nice pampering and relaxation for the day. Getting a couples massage not only helps you receive all the health benefits a massage has to offer (tension relief, relaxed muscles, circulatory boost, lymph drainage, and more); it also helps you both to get in a romantic mood. Come visit us at Healing Hands to book your couples massage because spots are filling up fast on the 14th! 💘


road trip Road Trip with friends

This is a super fun idea to do with friends or loved ones: get an early start, pack some snacks (and maybe also your bathing suits), and head off to the nearest small town. In our case, an option close to Miami which is relaxing and also fun is definitely the Keys. You can make it into a full weekend getaway with a quick stop in each key until you reach Key West, or simply stay in Key Largo for the day to enjoy the beaches, snorkeling, or simply chilling on a hammock. Here are some extra ideas of what else to do in the Keys.


Hoping you enjoyed our suggestions. However you choose to celebrate, ❤ Happy Valentine’s Day!